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Distance Between Dreams LP

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Distance Between Dreams captures the energy of one of the most historic surf seasons on record through Walsh’s eyes, pairing vivid cinematography, with an immersive custom score by Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL. The Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum producer, musician, and composer uses a mix of modern aesthetic, and analog synthesizers to capture the essence of riding big waves with elegance and drama. "Trying to tell Ian's story was a tremendous learning experience for me," said Holkenborg.

"Surfing is a dangerous, solitary, and very noble pursuit, and I think the majority of people are unaware of just how athletic guys like Ian are. The work he has to put in and out of the water is tremendous. The ocean is a magical place, but it’s also dangerous."

Capturing Ian's spirit and the dichotomy of his environment is what is at the heart of this score." Early in the process Holkenborg was inspired by Walsh's dedication, the sacrifices that he has made, and his unwavering commitment in and out of the water. A 'full contact composer' who composes and produces using analog equipment, Holkenborg immediately connected with Walsh's physical drive to survive and thrive paddling into massive, 40+ foot waves.

He wanted to give viewers the experience of being in the ocean with the select handful of surfers that ride the biggest waves in the world. In tandem with the film’s state-of-the art cinematography, the score, using a mix of modern aesthetic and analog synthesizers captures the drama and elegance of the big wave amphitheater.

1. Stranded
2. The Shore
3. The Workx
4. Always Ready
5. Dark Beaches
6. Dark Blue Hours
7. Deep Cut
8. Distant Lights
9. Increasing Vibes
10. Jaws
11. Wavey Waters